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Your cooling system consists of several parts, including the radiator, water pump, thermostat and hoses. A mixture of coolant and water constantly flows through the system to reduce the temperature inside the engine.

Coolant systems service consists of first draining the old coolant mixture. Coolant can become contaminated over time with particles that can damage the system and engine. Draining the radiator removes about half of the coolant mixture, and specialized equipment is used to remove the portion that remains in the engine.

Depending on the vehicle's mileage, the thermostat is typically replaced because an old thermostat is more likely to fail and cause the engine to overheat. Next, the technician will perform a thorough inspection of the cooling system's hoses, connections, and other components to identify any potential issues. Once the system is together and inspected, it will be refilled with the proper mixture of coolant and water, allowing you to get back on the road without worrying about overheating.

If it's been a while, or you can't remember when you last had your cooling system inspected, you can check your owner's manual to determine how often this service should be performed. Routine coolant system inspections can identify relatively minor, easy and inexpensive to repair problems, while ignoring them can lead to significant damage.

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Customer Reviews

Mollie Reeves

Will and Gil went above and beyond to get our truck bake on the road. They did a great job working with the insurance and getting the business prat taken care of but they also took the time to look high and low for tires to make us happy. I will be back in the future for all my Diesel needs.

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Cory Prichard

Nothing but good stuff to say. I was having some issues with my truck and they were able to get me in right away and had the truck available the next day. To top off the great customer service, the guys delivered the truck to my home after hours. Definitely will be back in the future.

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Oscar Cardenas

Will, Gil and their team at Burnt out are amazing, and everything you would expect (and then some) if you need any work done on your trucks. I recently just picked up my l5p from them after getting some work done. I was updated daily while they had it, and they met their promise date as far as when the truck would be completed. They had no issues answering any and every question I had no matter how basic it may have sounded to them. Top notch service by top notch guys. I won’t be taking my truck anywhere else in the future. Most knowledge guys I’ve ever met in the diesel world.

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Taylor Rutland

Great shop with great service. Some very knowledgeable stand up guys for sure. Call with any questions and they’ll help you with what they can over the phone, if not, get it to them and they’ll figure out your problem without trying to break your bank. Their shop is always full but quick turnaround time which speaks volumes. Give these guys a call for any of your diesel needs, wether it’s your dinosaur 7.3 or newest l5p. Will and Gil are on top of their stuff!!

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Juan Marron

The crew at Burntout Diesel Performance has done me an awesome job! When I dropped off my truck it was like talking with buddies. A friendly atmosphere.  From helping me choose a lift and installing it, took care of my last minute decision on traction bars they had in stock. Wheel and tire install + alignment they handled it. These guys put in the hours to get my ride  in and out and communicated where they were in the process and even delivered my truck to me over 40 miles away upon completion. I’d definitely recommend giving this shop a call!

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Gene Dustin

We were on a family vacation in Galveston when we started having trouble with my 14 ram 2500. I call BDP. I explained my situation and WILL was able it get my truck in and fixed the very next day. If your ever in need of a great mechanic definitely give these guys a call. My family and I really appreciate BDP getting us back on the road!

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