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The Top Five Benefits of Professional Heavy-Duty Brake Service

Written by the Burntout Team

Heavy-duty brake service can increase the safety of your commercial truck. When brake pads wear down, they don't press against the brake rotor with sufficient pressure to stop it when you need them to. It's important for drivers and those around them to understand that brake maintenance is a significant factor in brake performance, as well as it is an ongoing requirement for professional drivers - not just something you do every so often. This means staying on top of brake pad replacement, brake fluid changes and flushing, and other important service items that help ensure heavy-duty vehicles remain safe at all times. Thankfully, at Burntout Diesel Performance in Pearland, Texas, we can handle all of your heavy-duty truck brake service needs. Our facility is well-equipped with experienced technicians and advanced technology, so we are very capable of administering high-quality brake services that get you back on the road as cost-effective and as quickly as possible.

Below, we share some benefits of professional heavy-duty brake services:

Reduced stopping distance and brake fade

If brake pads are worn or brake fluid has leaked out over time, the brake pedal will feel spongy and loose. This is a clear indication that heavy-duty brake services need to be rendered for safety's sake. The brakes and brake pads/discs will stop better with professional brake service because new parts are being put on your truck. Likewise, improved brake reaction time allows drivers to avoid obstacles in front of them more quickly. It is recommended to get brake maintenance services every  24 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Increased brake life and brake efficiency

Professional brake service is also a great way to increase brake life and brake efficiency for your truck's pads and discs. By keeping the braking systems in top condition, you can reduce brake pad/disc wear and improve fuel economy - not to mention make good on brake warranties. By keeping an eye on the brake fluid as well as inspecting brakes at each oil change (we recommend oil changes every six months), we can identify weak points early on and resolve them before they become major issues requiring more extensive repair that could lead to added costs for our customers. When you get your brake pads replaced at Burntout Diesel Performance, our technicians will always ensure that you have a warranty on the brake pads if applicable. You can then drive with confidence knowing that it is safe to use your heavy-duty brake services. Many people neglect this very important component of their vehicles' maintenance because they do not think about it until there is a problem. This will extend the overall lifespan of your vehicle while increasing brake service efficiency by preventing excess heat from being generated during braking. You may also notice reduced brake fading, which gives drivers more time to stop in dangerous situations.

A better driving experience

Professional brake services can also give you a much smoother brake pedal. This is another reason to get brake maintenance done regularly, and we recommend that all of our customers use brake fluid with high boiling points like our brake fluid exchange services. When the brake pads and discs are in good shape and brake fluid levels stay at correct levels, drivers will not have to press their brake pedal as hard when they brake - meaning it takes less time for them to stop the vehicle. If an emergency brake is ever needed, you'll be glad your truck has well-maintained brakes after professional heavy-duty brake service. Not only will there be no fade in braking performance under emergency conditions, but you will also have brake power that leaves you confident as the operator of the vehicle.

Better peace of mind

It makes sense to invest in brake maintenance services at Burntout Diesel Performance because you get peace of mind knowing that your brake pads and brake fluids are operating at their full capacity. You can also enjoy better brake performance, which comes in handy when braking is especially important like in emergency situations or while stopping your heavy-duty vehicle on a steep hill. Not only does it empower drivers with the confidence they need to stop the vehicle quickly and appropriately, but we offer brake fluid exchange services that ensure brake efficiency and maximum stopping power all the time. It's important to note too that brake services done at our Pearland, Texas, facility will be under warranty if something goes wrong, which saves our customers money when compared to other brake service options. Take advantage of brake services like brake pads, brake fluid exchange, brake bleeding, and brake repair. 

Brake maintenance services save our customers money in the long run

Burntout Diesel Performance offers heavy-duty brake services that not only increase braking performance but also give drivers better insight into their brake systems. This is one reason why it can save people money in the long run. Not only does regular brake service increase the lifespan of your truck's brake components by preventing them from wearing out due to excess heat buildup (and resulting fade), but it also decreases replacement costs when you get new brake pads or discs installed on our rotors. By monitoring fluid levels more frequently, the brake maintenance service helps drivers find leaks and brake fluid level drops that could lead to brake failure.

Final thoughts

Professional brake services are an important aspect of every vehicle's maintenance schedule. Not only does professional brake service lower your risk for brake failure, heat brake fade, and brake loss during emergency braking situations, but it also helps drivers to stop the heavy-duty vehicle more effectively with well-maintained brake components that generate minimal fading under pressure. Professional brake service should be your go-to brake maintenance option if you own a heavy-duty vehicle, especially if you want to avoid dangerous brake failure that could result in serious accidents on busy roads. If you are in need of brake repair services near Pearland, Texas, then Burntout Diesel Performance is just a phone call away.

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