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Top Five Reasons Your Company Needs Fleet Maintenance Services

Written by the Burntout Team

When it comes to getting the most out of your fleet, fleet maintenance services are one of the key components. Without proper inspection and repair, vehicles will start to wear out before their time, which can lead to expensive repairs that could have easily been prevented with proper care. Your employees need to be able to get where they're going. Without effective fleet services, your employees will not have access to the equipment needed for their jobs. Thankfully, at Burntout Diesel Performance in Pearland, Texas, we make it our mission to provide our valued customers with the highest quality fleet maintenance services. We are committed to providing a fleet service and maintenance experience that is easy and affordable. We will get your business vehicles into the shop and back on the road as quickly as possible. In this article, we share some information about the top five reasons your company needs fleet maintenance services.

  1. Your vehicles are your business's biggest asset

In the long run, vehicles will typically be your company's most valuable assets. In addition to their initial purchase price, each vehicle requires a significant amount of money for parts and labor to keep them in good condition. Vehicle insurance also becomes more difficult over time because vehicles have a limited lifespan before they start depreciating rapidly, losing value every year that they're on the road. If a fleet does not receive proper maintenance services in a timely manner, vehicles can become a major financial burden or even require expensive replacement options earlier than expected. When you partner with a fleet maintenance service, vehicles will receive the attention they need to perform up to their full potential. With proper inspection and repair, vehicles can stay on the road for years more than they would without professional care. This leads to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership over time. In addition to saving money on original vehicle purchase costs and insurance premiums, customers also save money by scheduling routine inspections that catch issues before they become serious enough to require costly repairs.

  1. Inspections help you avoid fines

Vehicle emissions have always been an important factor for companies with fleets looking to reduce their environmental impact, but many companies do not realize how much penalties for emissions violations can run them. If your company overlooks regular inspections or does not follow the recommended maintenance, your vehicles can easily fail emissions tests. While many fleet service providers offer affordable inspection and repair services with quick turnaround times after an inspection, these same providers also provide one-stop shopping for all your vehicle knowledge needs. Many of our most popular inspection and repair packages include a full vehicle history report that you can use to reduce the risk of failing future inspections or making unneeded repairs.

  1. Your fleet is less likely to break down

As we've mentioned before, preventative maintenance is one of the best ways you can improve fleet safety and overall productivity. Regular checks can catch issues with engine performance and suspension wear before they become serious enough to require immediate attention on the road. In addition to saving you time by not having to deal with breakdowns and immediate repairs, routine fleet maintenance services can also give your company a good idea of how efficiently its vehicles are running. If you notice that some of your fleet's vehicle engines seem to be running poorly, you can contact the service provider right away before problems worsen or become too costly to fix.

  1. Your fleet will run more efficiently

Fleet maintenance services are especially important for companies with older fleets that are no longer under warranty. Without proper maintenance, vehicles can quickly begin to lose value over time. These older vehicles often require more frequent service and spend more time in the shop compared with newer models that are designed with preventative care in mind. When you schedule regular inspections, your fleet will run like new while providing consistent performance throughout each vehicle's lifespan.

  1. Inspections keep your drivers safe

At the end of the day, your fleet maintenance service will provide a variety of other benefits beyond lower costs and increased efficiency. Proper preventative care can also help reduce driver risk. By identifying engine problems while they are still relatively minor, you can save money by catching issues before they become serious enough to require a trip to the mechanic. In addition to reduced risk on the road, inspections include a vehicle inspection that looks for cracks in brake lines or anything else that could pose an unnecessary safety risk while vehicles are being operated. Your company does not have time to call out mechanics every time something small goes wrong with a fleet vehicle. A quick check from your fleet maintenance service provider requires much less downtime and keeps vehicles on the road longer.

Why should I choose Burntout Diesel Performance for my fleet maintenance?

We know that your business relies on reliable vehicles to keep things running as smoothly as possible. The equipment you use for fleet maintenance is just as important as the vehicles themselves, so we provide complete service from our team of ASE-certified mechanics. Our services include scheduled inspections, maintenance, and a full line of OEM parts available at competitive prices. Bumper-to-bumper car, van, and light-duty diesel maintenance means that whatever you have in your fleet, we'll have you covered. If your aim is to minimize costs and improve reliability, give us a call to start a conversation about joining our Fleet Maintenance Program. You’ll receive consolidated invoices and reporting for all light truck and car fleet repairs and receive drastic savings by tapping into our extensive selection of suppliers.

For the highest quality fleet maintenance services in Pearland, Texas, or the Greater Houston Area, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today. 

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